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Welcome to the CIT Lab

We are located in Building 19, Room 135. Loads of computers, tutoring help, hot water, coffee and tea!

CIT Lab Appropriate Use Guidelines

  • Students are strongly encouraged to ASK QUESTIONS! The Lab Student Tutors are here to help you succeed in your coursework.
  • Keep the lab atmosphere positive and productive.
  • Please use computers for educational, academic, and administrative purposes with the College in mind. Computers are not to be used for gaming.
  • Whether you work alone or together, please do it quietly.
  • Use the computers in a manner which respects the rights of other computer users.
  • Helpful suggestions to improve our instructional support are welcome.
  • This is YOUR lab, let's work together to get the most out of it!
  • Student are not allowed to connect to LAN

CIT Lab Cleanliness

  • This is YOUR lab, so lets all work together to keep it clean!
  • Here are some procedures for proper cleaning of computer components: Cleaning Computers
  • Please remember that school campuses are prime locations for spreading germs, and every year we hear about another super-bug being spread. Help us keep the lab a safe space for you to work in!

Lab Announcements

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Network Operations

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Student Software Installation Guides

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