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Lab 2.5 Adding NY child domain to ACME forest troubleshooting guide Lab 2.5 troubleshooting

Free Software

All CIT students have access to free Microsoft software. This page will tell you how to get it.

Command and Network Tool Info

Filezilla install instructions and citstudent example » Click Here «

Putty install instructions and citstudent example » Click Here «

Wireshark install instructions » Click Here «

Vi Cheat Sheet » Click here to download the Vi Cheat Sheet PDF «

VM VirtualBox install instructions » Virtual Machine Installation Wiki Tutorial «

Basic Linux Navigation » Basic Linux Navigation Tutorial

Network Academy skill assessment instructions » Network Academy «

Network Academey Packet Tracer download instructions » Packet Tracer Download «

Cloning process for virtual machines in Oracle VirtualBox » Virtual Machine Cloning in Oracle VirtualBox «

JetBrains PyCharm download and install instructions » PyCharm installation «

Introduction to GNU Emacs » GNU Emacs «

Online Resources

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